Director | Producer
Ad Spot | United Nations

United Nations

I have produced, directed, and edited films for the United Nations in over a dozen countries.

Ad Spot | United Nations

I produced and edited this ad spot for the United Nations during a production in West Africa.

I offered this piece to the UN outside their original scope of 6 documentaries, for them to share their incredible community work with audiences across the world.

UN Women | Profile in Courage

I filmed and edited this piece for UN Women in Mali, telling the story of a woman who survived civil war in an active conflict zone.

Kadija lost everything when Mali collapsed into Civil War in 2012.

Despite losing her husband and her community, and being forced to flee her home, she has come back. She now owns her own business and employs over 50 women. Her life is a testament to the powerful work being done by UN Women all over West Africa.